Contact Lens Case Helps To Protect and Extend The Life Of Your Contact Lenses

Your contact lens case is your contact lenses’ best friend. Having a case that is dirty or one that doesn’t seal properly can cause many problems.

When you don’t properly clean your case you are increasing the risk of bacteria settling into your lenses and causing a very painful and costly eye infection. The same can happen if you do not change the solution every time you store your contact lenses. If you find that your case doesn’t seal properly and solution leaks out, you are in danger of your contact lenses drying out into a crunchy powdered mess.

There are several different styles of contact lens cases. And yet, there are some things that they all have in common. All of them will be labeled with the words, “left” and “right”. It is imperative that you always place the correct contact lens into the appropriate side. It is generally recommended that you get into a habit of always starting with the same eye whenever you are putting your contact lenses in or taking them out. Having your contact lenses switched is like wearing your eyeglasses upside down for the day! Not only will your vision be blurred, but you could also suffer from quite a headache as a result.

Another feature that all contact lens cases have is an airtight seal. Keeping your contacts as clean as possible is what prevents eye infections. You should always start out with a clean case and fill it with new cleaning and disinfecting solution each time you store them. If the seal is damaged or the lid has become misshapen, bacteria could enter the case and infect your lenses and consequently, your eyes. Always throw away any case that has become defective.

Most cases are made of a hard plastic base that has two wells. The two hard plastic lids are usually labeled with “left” and “right” and screw on to the base over the two wells. The other main style is called the flip top style. These are made in a variety of colors and are made of a more flexible plastic. The lids are attached to the base with a narrow piece of plastic and the lid simply “flips” on or off the wells on the base. These types are very inexpensive, but they tend to leak or become misshapen.

Other than those aforementioned similarities, contact lens cases can be as different as night is from day. You can purchase a case to match any personality. They come in every color of the rainbow plus some. You can even purchase a case to store your contact case in! Those cases can have one of thousands of pictures on them. If you love Golden Retrievers or your favorite sports team is the Chicago Bears, you can get a case that represents it.

Some contact lens cases are made of a new silver ion that is supposed to combat microorganisms from developing. If you are someone who loves high tech, you can even get one that includes a digital LCD readout. The display will tell you the time and include an alarm that will tell you when it’s time to throw out your old contacts and replace them with a new pair. Now that’s progress.

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