Contact Lens Types

There have certainly been some fantastic improvements made on contact lens types. We no longer have to use those hard and uncomfortable contacts that we had to wear when they first came out many years ago. There seems to be options available for anyone that has just about any type of vision difficulties. There have been so many improvements made from the materials, which are used, that the cost has been dramatically reduced. You can even decide to change your eye color from the many different colored contact lenses that are available.

This certainly gives the contact lens wearer some many exciting options. They are a wonderful way to correct your vision without having to wear those bulky, heavy eyeglasses. The comfort level and the ease of being able to put them in have made them one of the most popular choices for those that need vision correction. There are two different types of contact lenses. There are the soft lens and the rigid permeable, or also known as the hard lens. The choice between the two is dependent upon the individual’s needs as well as at times, the type of vision difficulty the person has.

The soft contact lens is made of a plastic polymer substance that also includes water. This allows oxygen to go through the contact, which makes it much more comfortable to wear. These are often the type of contact that can be worn for one day and then thrown away. These are known as the disposable contact lens. Many people choose this style because they do not have to worry about cleaning contacts each day. This type of contact lens also will reduce the amount of your occasion to the eye since debris and other small particles will not collect on the lens. You may also experience a lot less dry eye syndrome due to the fact that you are putting in a new pair each day. For those that have allergies, this style of lenses often recommended. Again, because some of the particles that are in the air do not build up on the lens and may not create as many allergic reactions. You can also use soft contact lenses that are designed for longer use. Normally this type of lens is to be worn for 30 days and then thrown away. They are made from silicon that helps to keep the eye less irritated from daily use. They are also very comfortable to wear as well as easy to put it. Another popular choice with soft contact lenses is those that are tinted or colored. These can be a unique way of changing your eye color as well as adding some slight hints of tint. There are those that have just a little bit of color and those that can totally change your eye color. There some that will even add enhancing colors to the natural eye color.

The rigid or hard contact lens tends to last and is stronger than the soft. These are also made from silicon polymers, which also allows for circulation of air around the eye. These are designed to be worn every day and with proper cleaning, they are a very comfortable choice. Since they are more durable, they will also hold the shape much better than a soft contact lens. For those with certain vision difficulties, they may experience sharper vision by wearing the hard contact lens. For those that need bifocals, you can also wear contact lenses. There have been many innovations in the design of the lens to be a look to accommodate the needs for those that have to wear contact lenses.

One of the first steps that you should do before considering wearing contact lenses is to consult with your eye doctor to make sure that you choose the right contact lens types for your vision and eyes. Once the type of lens has been determined, you can always take a look at some of the great websites that offer inexpensive pricing for both types of contact lenses.

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