Contact Lens – What You Should Know

Contact lenses are the best invent of the modern science for number of uses. Varieties of lenses are available to use either to cure eye sight weakness or just for making eyes attractive and beautiful. There are many types of lens as mentioned below.

Routine wear contact lens

Routine wear soft lenses are supposed to be calm of lot. It takes little time to set into eyes as they not often slip out place during enthusiastic activities. These are famous because of availability in color variety. Special cleaning solution is available to clean and disinfect and need to be replacing by new one with regular time period.

Soft contact lens

These are available in two types; absolute and daily wear. Both are produced in same aspects. Daily wear lens are just to use for day time while absolute wear are for overnight. Absolute lens may cause infection to some people and in order to avoid any unpleasant situation doctor must be consulted.
Hard contact lens

These are made of inflexible material than their equivalent. These are uncomfortable and are flat to slide out. These lenses are found in bifocal form for certain eye conditions.

There are some indications for lens to change after some time period.

– As lens gets older it irritates eyes.
– When blinking eye, it irritates & dizzy vision.
– Lenses get discolor and feel starchy in eye.

Now we may discuss some advantages and disadvantages of contact lens.

– Varieties of colors are available in lenses as Lens does not affect personality & adds confidence to the poor vision.
– Lens is beneficial to those working in humid condition, sports etc.
– Lens leaves no spot on nose as done by glasses.
– Hard lens affects the eyes.
– Create problems if lens is not replaced with regular time interval.
– Lens may be expensive than that of glasses.

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