Contact Lenses and Dry Eyes – How to Make Them Comfortable!

One of problems some contact lens wearers suffer from is called dry eye syndrome. Most people just assume that getting lenses that are mostly water will keep your eyes moist for longer periods of time, however this actually proves to be the opposite.

Contact lenses for dry eyes are actually low in their percentage of water solution. The reason behind this is that the higher moisture lenses actually evaporate at a faster rate causing your eyes to naturally pull moisture from your own source to keep them moist. This in turn ends up giving you the feeling of extreme dryness.

So what can you do to ensure your eyes are moist and comfortable all day long?

Luckily, many companies have been working on these types of lenses over the years. What you will find is that most of these lenses are actually a lot lower in moisture compared to the alternative. Acuvue is one company that specializes in making these types of lenses that are specifically made for dry eye sufferers.

If you work outdoors or in a dry humid environment, these contacts are for you. They are specially designed to help keep your eyes moist at all times during the day. The reason why these work so well is because of the design of the lenses which keeps the moisture between your eye and the lens at a comfortable level.

When the layer between the eye and the lens goes dry, the contact on the eye becomes extremely uncomfortable and makes it extremely difficult to keep wearing the lenses.

There are some other things that you can do to fight dry eyes with contact lenses. Visit us to find out the best options for Contacts and Vision Care.