Contact Lenses – Can They Cause Eye Irritation?

When you don’t properly take care on you contact lenses, when you don’t clean them as often as what the Optician has prescribed, they will surely be causing eye irritations and furthermore eye complications to you. Eye irritation is very common for contact lens users. This is manifested by eye redness, dryness and blurry vision.

This may be caused by wearing out of the lenses or sensitivity to the solutions. When you are experiencing eye irritation, it is always best to consult your Optician and tell him/her your concerns. These signs and symptoms of eye irritation may be little but it also may signify the onset of cornel ulcers and other risky infections. When there is pain associated with the redness of the eyes, it may signal a more serious problem like corneal ulcer related to an infection. Sleeping with your contacts is never advised because a prolonged usage will reduce the amount of oxygen to the eye thus increasing your chance of infection.

Lack of oxygen may also be a result from scratches or abrasions on the part of the cornea. Abrasions may also be because of the dirt that has been accumulated in your lens. Over wearing this can cause these scratches and are not being tolerated by the eye. This can cause blindness if left untreated or modified. It is important that when you wear makeup, always take an extra precaution because these makeup may get under the lens and will cause irritation to the eyes. Another gross yet factual cause of eye irritation is using your own saliva when there’s no solution is available. This best happens when it’s time for you to remove your contact lenses and that the lenses pop out from your eyes and there’s no solution in sight. Never put saliva or put your lenses in your mouth for them to be lubricated. You should always carry a small bottle of solution with you at anytime of the day. Eye irritation may also be caused by people who give effort to save money by using home-made or non-saline contact solutions. These solutions may cause extreme irritation or infections that can result to blindness. Saline solutions must be sterile.

Always bear in mind that these complications and complaints may occur regardless and has nothing to do with wearing contact lenses. These may even be a sign to other unrelated eye problems and diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and infections. Any change that you will be experiencing must be reevaluated for the diagnosis and treatment of the condition. Always consult your Optician whenever these irritations in the eyes will occur. Never self-medicate or never take it for granted. Always have a professional advice or else, you will have the biggest regret in you life.

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