Contact Lenses – Do’s And Don’ts

Many people now are switching to contact lenses because they are much comfortable compared to wearing prescription glasses. This is because they no longer need to worry about wearing heavy glasses to correct vision. Also, contacts do not form steam on the lenses when you go quickly inside into a cold area from a warm area. They are also helpful to models that have vision impairment because most modeling does not require them to wear prescription glasses.

•If you want to have a pair of lenses, the first thing you must do is to check your eyes if they are recommendable for contact lenses. There are other people who are not allowed to wear lenses because of some uncertain factors. You will need to ask your ophthalmologist for recommendations.
•When you buy contacts the best pair of contacts for you to choose will be those that have shorter lifespan. These are the best pair and also they are cheap compared to lenses that have longer lifespan and which can be a bit expensive. This is because when you remove your contact lenses, they are exposed to air in which there are particles that are not visible to the naked eye in which that attach to the lenses. That is why it is needed for the contacts to be cleansed by putting them through a solution overnight.
•If you are planning to wear your contact lenses everyday, you will need to clean your hands before you wear and after your remove them. Wash your hands carefully with mild soap and rinse them completely. Dry your hands with a towel that is lint-free before you touch your lenses. Avoid soaps that contain lotion, oily cosmetics or cold ream because they attach to your hands which will go to your contact lens then to your eyes which will lead to irritation.
•Keep the fingernails of your hands smooth and the length short to avoid contact with the contact lens.
•When you clean your contacts, remember to always use a fresh and not expired solution – specifically for lenses. You should also follow the instructions of the solution carefully.
•You need to always remove your lenses and after removing, clean them according the instructions of your eye doctor. There are certain schedules set by your eye doctor in when to wear and remove them. It is recommendable to remove your contacts before you sleep. There are other contact lenses where you can wear them over night but not all of them. It is always safe to remove them.

If you are not going to follow the instructions in caring of your contact lenses, it may lead to certain damages of your contact lenses or your eyes.

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