Contact Lenses – History and Use

Different types of contact lenses are widely used nowadays and according to an estimate more than 125 million people are using them but very few people know that they were invented in 1887. Three men named August Muller, Eugene Kalt and Adolf. E Fick are entitled as their inventors. With the passage of time, improvements are being made in them. They have three major types. First type is used for optical reasons by the people suffering from short and long sightedness. Second type is used by people as a style to make their eye color appear according to their choice. Third type is used for both of the above mentioned reasons and actually is amalgam of both the types.

Before buying contact lens, a person must visit a doctor and ask his opinion. A doctor can give good opinion and can even refer a good optician.

Some people use lenses for a 24 hour period and don’t even remove them before sleeping. This increases the risk of eye infection to more than 10 to 15 percent. And in this sort of situation, during sleep, cornea of eyes swell as there is decreased production of tears. Tears are very important for our eyes as they supply oxygen from air to the cornea. So, lack of oxygen and decreased flow of tears lead to eye infection.

There are special cleansing solutions for contact lens which must be used regularly to clean them. Some people prepare a saline solution at home to clean them. This approach can lead to Acanthamoeba keratitis, which is a special kind of eye infection caused by parasites and has symptom similar to those of corneal ulcers. Improper and unhygienic approaches are the main cause of it. So, they should be cleaned with proper cleansing solution every time before usage to avoid any kind of infection.

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