Contact Lenses Hurt Your Beautiful Eyes

Compared with general contact lenses, the beauty of different colors pupil are more loved by the majority of beauty. Survey shows that 58.1% of Internet users wearing pupil for beauty, 20.9% of friends are required to wear in working, 14% of friends wear the pupil to follow the trend. Wear different colors of the pupil can not only match different make-ups, but also can highlight your own personality; so many young people have been sought after.

Everyone has a heart of beauty. But you must not ignore the quality of the pupil. However, the survey shows that 34.1% of Internet users are not clear about the quality with their own pupil. Meanwhile, 9.8% of Internet users admit that they have used low-grade pupil, which part of the users think that even the poor pupil, but it has low price, but also to keep up with fashion trends, wearing two days should not have any problems.

You should know some common knowledge about wearing pupil.

First, before wearing pupil, you must go to the formal institutions optometry vision, to follow the recommendations of an optometrist. Also, the beginning of wearing the pupil should go to the relevant pupil Eye Center for tests to see if they are fit to wear the pupil after a week.

Second, if you are the first time to wear pupil, you must pay attention to the approach to wear pupil, as far as possible with both hands, pull the upper and lower eyelids, eyelashes to ensure no blocking lenses, and then gently on the lens attached to the eye. Third, do not wear the U.S. pupil contact the fire, or fire or oil into the eye, the lens will broken, so that the eye can easily lead to burns, severe can lead to blindness.

Third, do not wear the pupil to contact the fire, or the fire or oil into the eye, the lens will break, so that the eye can easily lead to burns, severe can lead to blindness.

The eyes are the windows of the soul, ensuring the health of eyes is the most important while pursuing beauty.