Contact Lenses in the Movies

Contact lenses have been used as a form of special effects in the movie industry for quite a while, and have exponentially improved in effect as time has passed over the years. Of course when the role of contacts are discussed in relation with movies, it is not the vision enhancing aspect that makes them useful. In fact, contact lenses used in movies have no role on vision whatsoever. Contact lenses are used for special effects on the eyes of the actor, which change the color or basic look in the eye of the actor.

What has become so extraordinary about these special effect contact lenses over the years is the extent to which they can modify the look of the actor’s eye. The lenses used in movies are custom made, and can maintain very complex designs and patterns, as well as a large variety of colors. Because of the complexity of the custom made contact lenses, they can reach very high prices. This means several hundred dollars for only one pair of contacts that his limited available use. This is not because of the materials used to make it, but because of the artist’s work in crafting the complex designs into the contact, such as a swirl, or explosion of colors, or an eye used to look like that of a demon or strange eyed creature. It also requires complex tools and unique coloring materials to attach and form the look onto each lens.

Years ago lenses in movies was the primary source used to create unique looks or intricate patterns on the eyes of the actors. For example, in most old zombie movies, the blank look achieved on their eyes was achieved by a custom made lens that was simply a palish white color. More complex styles were also used in other movies, usually science fiction or horror, as supernatural or mutated humans were often characterized by unique eyes. But at this point in time the highlight in the career of lenses used in movies has passed. With the latest technology,video editing software, and trained professionals who use the software in movies, it is not always necessary to use contact lenses to achieve a certain look. Using software they can simply make it seem that the look is present on the eyes of the actor, as well as add additional effects such as animated eyes, that will appear to swirl,spin, or almost anything.

Colored and patterned lenses did add many desirable special effects to the eyes of our favorite actors in past movies, and will continue to in the future, despite the slow and inevitable takeover of video editing software.

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