Contact Lenses May Lead to Eye Allergies

It is found that many people may suffer from allergies, especially in certain season- the ratio is one in five. Though eye allergies are common, they may lead to discomfort or even other serious outcomes. And they must be treated properly in time. At the same time, wearers of contact lenses run much high risks.

Though eye allergies can be genetic problems, but most of them are caused by environmental factors. Eye allergies occur when some foreign bodies come into eyes, which will react for combating. And the result is the emergence of eye inflammation and other symptoms. Usually, healthy eyes can play nice job in cleaning these allergens. But contact lenses will make this much worse- many allergens are accumulated on them. Therefore, lenses must be cleaned often.

Generally, allergies can be categorized into different groups according to certain symptoms. If lenses users fell itchy and irritated in their eyes, they may suffer from giant papillary conjunctivitis, one of the commonest symptoms among lenses users. It can be caused by allergens and improper insertion of the lenses. Of course, the symptoms will disappear when the lenses are removed. Other allergies include vernal kerato conjunctivitis and atopic kerato conjunctivitis.

Therefore, to avoid these allergies, lenses users should be very careful in wearing and maintenance. Make sure that hands are clean and dry while inserting and removing the lenses; never rub eyes though they are irritated or itchy; never share any eye products with others; never sleep in these lenses; never use improper eye drops; never use lenses all day long, but also with glasses, etc. All these measures can help lower the risk of getting allergies.

Another point should be noticed that some lens solution may also lead to eye allergies, for some special substances in the solution may lead to allergies. And now, solution is one of the main causes for eye allergies. This is because people with sensitive eyes can not use regular solution. For this, they should use certain solution particularly for sensitive eyes. For more details, consult with eye doctors.