Contact Lenses – One Of The Best Inventions

There are three major ways of combating vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, namely, contact-lenses(or just ‘contacts’), eyeglasses and corrective surgery.

Many people despise complicated medical procedures, but would also not like to be wearing eyeglasses on them. In such situations, contact lenses are a proven way out. They remain inconspicuous, while also being easy to use. For sports persons, especially, contact lenses are like a boon from heaven as it spares them from the unnecessary hassles of having to deal with eyeglasses protruding out from their eyes and getting in the way of everything. Besides, contact lenses also provide the luxury of full unobstructed vision which may not be possible with eyeglasses. God bless the people behind the invention of these small yet extremely useful pieces of plastic!

Surprisingly, contact lenses have a long history behind them. One interesting fact is that Leonardo Da Vinci is credited with having first come up with the idea of contact lenses(ya, they are that old!). Of course, the concept was pretty primitive and apparently, was not even meant for correcting vision! Gradually, many scientists, one after the other, came up with their own improvements and in 1949, there came into being, the first corneal lenses that could be worn directly on the cornea.

Since then, several improvements have come by, mostly due to the need for softer lenses and for a higher percentage of oxygen seepage through the lenses and into the eyes. By far, hydrogel lenses(made from ‘hydrogel’ plastics) have been the most popular in recent times. Chances are that the lenses you are using right now are hydrogel ones. More recently, though, new silicone hydrogel lenses have come to replace them and are even the favorite choice of some medical practitioners. Of course, your doctor knows best about what would suit your eyes.

Contact lenses are very very useful, easy to use and even fun. Chances are that once you get used to them, you will never even think of eye-glasses. Wondrous little things, aren’t they?

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