Contact Lenses – Proper Care and Cleaning

There are a lot of contact lens users that doesn’t know how to take good care of their lenses. The proper way of care and cleaning of a contact lens is just so easy but very meticulous. Your optician will teach and guide you on how to clean your contact lenses properly. It’s really up to you if you will do it the right way. Here are some of the tips and ways to clean your contact lenses properly.

Always start the cleaning process by washing your hands with soap and water. Do not forget that every time you need to clean your contacts, you must always wash your hands. Use only the prescribed contact lens solution to clean you contacts.

Disinfect and rinse them everyday. To avoid confusion, always start cleaning the same lenses everyday. Do not use water or your saliva to clean them because it will cause harm to the contacts. Not cleaning your contacts everyday will result into blurry vision, eye irritation, redness, dryness or worse, infections of the eyes. Never ever sleep with your contacts on. This may cause blindness. Avoid putting lotion on your hands while you are cleaning your contact lenses for it contaminates them.

Always keep your contact lenses moist because whenever they get all dried up, they will be useless and it’s time for you to get another one. Use enzyme cleaning tablets ideally once in every 7 days to eliminate protein build up on you contact lens. Protein build up will tear and will make your vision blurry and cloudy. Sterilize your lenses once a week to decrease your risk for possible infections. Before you replace your contacts, fill your contacts with solution to avoid damage. Only use oil-free beauty products and other moisturizers when you’re wearing your contact lens. Never touch the tips of the cleaning solutions because this will make your lenses dirty, and also the cleaning solution itself.

Avoid using aerosol sprays when you’re wearing your contacts. Do not use lash building mascaras or the permanent ones as these will create build ups that may take time to get rid off.

Never ever wear them when you’re swimming. Hard lenses may pop out from your eye and soft lenses may tend to absorb and eventually get the chemicals right from the water.

And lastly, give your eyes a breather. However, your eyes will not be getting enough oxygen when wearing contact lenses. Give your eyes a breather. You can go back and use your eyeglasses at night.

Wearing contact lenses is a bit of a tiresome. Think a lot of times whether to you contact lenses or not. Because wearing them comes great responsibility and will cause severe damage if you just don’t do the mandatory ways in cleaning them.

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