Contact Lenses – Proper Care

People who use contact lenses usually feel lazy to clean them. Now the improper maintenance of these items can affect the eyes. Vision can be impaired and even some diseases may inflict the eyes due to some unhygienic practices.

Below are few steps that must be followed in order to maintain the items properly.

Do not reuse the solution:

Although the use of its solution over and over again may help save money, these stored solutions for reuse make a good spot for bacterial growth. The bacteria will accumulate in the solution and will then be transferred to the lenses, and then to the eyes. The solution must be replaced daily. Wash the lens case with a new solution and allow it to air dry.

Rub the lenses with care:

Rub these items every time you clean them. But this procedure should be done gently. The rubbing of the lenses should be done for 10 seconds on each side. While rubbing the entire surface, it should be treated and not just the central part of the item. Excessive rubbing can lead to the production of scratches on the lenses.

Replace the lens on time:

Disposable contact lenses should be replaced over a specified period of time. After such period, the appearance of the lens still remains normal. But on the other hand, there may be some microscopic damages that can occur. These damages will affect the user. Thus, it may feel very uncomfortable to wear for the user.

Change your lens case:

Regular replacement of a lens case should be done in order to avoid accumulation of dirt and bacteria. The lens case can be changed whenever a new lens solution is available. In few solution products sold in the market, a lens case may also come together with these lens solutions.

Take a day off:

Wearing these items daily can cause strain to the eyes. But strains can be avoided by simply not wearing the items for at least once a week. They can be replaced by specs though. The relaxation of the eyes can be achieved by this manner.

Contact lenses should be used carefully at all times. The above-mentioned steps may help in the health maintenance of the eyes and prevents eye damage as well. If these guidelines are followed, one can use the lenses over a longer duration.

Any beginner who use glasses and opts to switch on using contact lenses can start with a trial contact lens. These trial items are also available for purchase online.

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