Contact Lenses – Pros and Cons

Contact lenses were invented for those who are unable to see clearly. But as we all know before contact lenses came into existence eye glasses were the first to come up. But because some would feel uncomfortable in wearing their eye glasses, lenses came into being to help people solve their vision problems with much convenience.

There are some things that we need to remember in using contact lenses. We should need to wash our hands properly before putting on our lenses to avoid bacteria that will go into our eyes that can induce infections and there is the possibility that the lenses will crumble. And the storage of it must be considered with utmost importance that the children may not be able to reach it.

Some impairment can be treated such as astigmatism, myopia and presbyopia. And these lenses ensure so much in the safety of the health of our eye.

There are some differences about wearing eye glasses and contact lenses. Lenses are more appealing to look at, than the other one. Although, it is difficult to use but it will boost ones personality and you can have your own color according to your desire. No frame is needed. Optical glasses is easy to wear and easy to clean without the chemical solution to clean up the glasses.

There are also some disadvantages in using optical glasses. It lessens self-confidence and it is easily broken. Lenses are disadvantageous also because it can irritate your eyes and can cause dizziness.

Wearing lenses has no age limit. There is no actual age limits in using this lenses that even toddlers can be able to use this one even those who are newly born babies who have eye defects to develop their retina properly.

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