Cost Conscious Contacts

Today, many people are choosing to do away with the bulky glasses and opt for the lighter, more convenient contact lenses. The problem is, with so many different advertisements on television, radio and the Internet; it can be difficult to determine where you should buy your contacts. While everyone offers a different price, they each include the statement that they are the cheapest option available to you. Is this true? Well, only you have the power to know the answer to the question. The answer will come to you, if you do your homework and research all of your contact lens purchasing options before settling on any one source.

So what are your cheapest contact lens options? Basically you can purchase your contacts from your doctor’s office, in an optical store or on the Internet. Which one is the best and cheapest? This is where you need to do your homework. In this article, we will do some of the homework for you, but you will need to make the ultimate decision.

The Doctors Office

Your doctor’s office will help you in all aspects of your contact lenses, from trying them on, learning how to fit them and much more. Additionally, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that you are receiving the best care possible. At first, you may think that your eye doctor is the most expensive of all your options. This may or may not be true. Some doctors are competitive in pricing and want your business. While they may be a little higher than some other options you are considering, you will likely get a lot for that price. For example, with the price the eye doctor charges, you probably get the contact lenses, the exam, office visits and lens care products.

An Optical Store

An optical store offers much the same services that your eye doctor does, except in less time and sometimes at a cheaper price. You can probably find an optical store such as the popular Lens Crafters and have everything ready for you in no time at all. Again the price of this would include the contact lens, the exam, office visits and eye care products.

The Internet

This may be the most cost-effective option for purchasing cheap contact lens. However cheap the contact lens may be, it is important that you have your guard up when exercising this option. The Internet makes getting your contacts easy, convenient and scary all at the same time. When shopping online, you will want to look for those web sites that are reputable, trustworthy and offers complete information about the company. There are several popular Interent contact lens sites that can provide cheap contact lens. Currently a handful of these sites can provide good nationally know products at competitive prices. Most usually keep a large inventory, so they are able to ship your order quickly.

Before choosing a company, make sure you check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that the company is reputable. Also use a major search engine like Google or Yahoo to find reviews of that company, make sure they have customer service and test it out and that they have a return policy.

Michael Moody is a successful Webmaster and publisher of CheapContactLens. He provides information about various considerations regarding buying cheap contact lens that can be read on the Internet in the comfort of your own home.