Crazy Color Contacts Without Prescription

Crazy color contacts are available without prescription in some areas, as these are unnaturally-colored, theatrical contact lenses used for things such as cosplay and Halloween costumes. They are typically available in vivid colors such as pink, red, or yellow; some may have slit pupils for cat or lizard eyes, and others are made to replicate the eyes of an anime, video game, book, or movie character.

These contact lenses are more often than not soft lenses, which are only manufactured to last for a few weeks to a month. However, they are more affordable than typical colored contacts, and come in a wider variety of colors. Some companies offer a free or exceptionally cheap trial pair of crazy color contacts before asking you to commit to buying a whole box.

These lenses are made to dramatically change the color of your eyes, and though the patterned lenses are often too unusual for daily wear, the solid-colored crazy color lenses are perfect for every-day usage when you want to differentiate yourself from everyone else without doing something far more dramatic, such as getting a tattoo or dying your hair an unnatural color.

Crazy colored contacts without prescription are not meant to correct any vision problems that you may have. These lenses are only for cosmetic purposes, and if an individual has vision problems, they are perfectly able to wear glasses in addition to the cosmetic contact lenses. This is not detrimental to an individual’s vision.

In addition, crazy-colored contacts must be cared for in the same manner that prescription lenses should. If they are not stored in their proper cases and saline solution, they will dry out and become either uncomfortable or impossible to wear. Optometrists do not recognize or accept these lenses as being a necessity, nor are they medically accepted, but that should not dissuade someone who wants to have fun with their appearance from purchasing them.

Be careful about buying any kind of colored contact lenses that are too cheap. Some of the cheaper brands use cheap paint (which is why they are cheap) and that paint may be harmful to your eyes. Only buy quality, brand contact lenses.

Crazy-color contact lenses should not be worn by children or by people with overly sensitive eyes, as they may cause eye irritation- but that is something that any contact, hard or soft, prescription or not, may cause.

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