Crazy Lens Contact Providers

There are all sorts of color contact lenses out there, including crazy lens contacts. Crazy lenses are out there for those who want to dress up their Halloween outfits, create looks necessary for theatrical and Hollywood, or just have a freaky look for their day to day lives. The contacts are available both with prescriptive correction as well as for those who just want a new look. While the offerings seem to be limitless, there is still safety to consider. Below is an investigation into what crazy lens contacts are out there and how they should be taken care of.

Crazy Lens Contact Providers

There are two main providers of crazy lens contacts: WildEyes, by CIBA Vision, and Crazy Lenses by CooperVision. While these are the tow largest providers, there are also lesser known companies out there. WildEyes offers several looks for those wanting a change. These include Jaguar, Zebra, Black-out, Alien and many more. Crazy Lenses offers Cat Eye, Red Spiral, Wolf and Fire. They also offer crazy Bloodshot contact lenses. The base of the lenses is white and there are thin, blood vessel looking streaks running through them.

Safety First

Crazy lens contacts may be fun, but All About Vision points out that they are still considered medical devices by the FDA. Even if they are just for Halloween, contacts need to be fitted, which means a trip to your eye doctor. Crazy lens contacts also require cleaning and disinfecting as would other contacts. Also, even if you may want to, avoid sharing your contacts with others and never let a friend try on your contacts. Don’t sleep or swim in them. All About Contacts urges buyers of crazy lens contacts to never buy these fantastic lenses from online stores that do not ask for a prescription.

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