Custom Colored Contact Lenses

Color contact lens seems to be the most sought after fashion accessory these days. These small, plastic devices were earlier primarily used for vision correction and as an alternative to wearing glasses. Different types of lenses include astigmatism lenses, bifocal lenses, disposable lenses, and colored contact lens.

However, many people use these lenses for cosmetic purposes. You can try to get cheap color contacts online through websites, which offer great discounts on them. Color contact lens come in various colors like hazel contact lenses, violet colored ones, green contacts, or aqua colored contacts and also with various patterns and designs on them.

Contact lenses are also classified according to the duration for which the lens can be used. There are disposable contacts that can be worn for a day and for an 8-hour duration while there are some other contact lenses that can be used for up to 30 days. These long-term contacts can sometimes be left on overnight. Color contact lens comes in three major types. The first is visibility tinted lenses that do not alter your natural eye color. They usually have a light blue or green tint added to the transparent body of the lens so that you may easily find the lens when not worn. Then there are enhancement colored lenses that are translucent and usually a hue or two darker than your natural eye color. These lenses are the best choice for people with a lighter natural eye color as they can highlight and define the color of your eye. Opaque color lenses are a type of colored lens, which change your eye color completely. Lens manufacturers follow the FDA principles for these contact lenses.

You can buy Hazel Contact Lenses from any of the leading lens manufacturers like Ciba Vision, Acuvue 2 Colors Enhancers, or Johnson & Johnson. Hazel contact lenses are a good choice for people who already have brown colored eyes but want them to be in a lighter and a brighter shade. This colored lens adds a chic look to your eyes, while keeping the colour looking natural. A woody or a ‘lion-eye’ shade can be observed when you wear hazel lenses.

Color Contact Lens comes in various patterns that correspond to the natural eye patterns. They are usually made to appear as vivid as possible. Hazel contact lenses come in several hues like pure hazel, amber colored, warm honey, chestnut, and brown.