Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Offer a Variety of Benefits

Selecting the proper contact lenses will involve determining what your needs are. Daily disposable contact lenses have several benefits, that have allowed a large number of individuals to wear contacts more comfortably than ever before.

No cleaning is required – Many individuals would agree, that this is a huge plus that you get with daily lenses. There is no nightly cleaning and storage of your contact lenses at the end of the day, instead, you simply throw them away when you take them out at night. This means that there will be no need to purchase saline solutions or other contact cleaning products, that can be quite costly.

Reduced problems with irritants – Disposing of your contacts each day will drastically reduce the chance of foreign materials getting on your lenses, and causing your eyes to become irritated. Daily handling of your lenses when cleaning and storing, is the most likely time for oils, hair, and dirt to attach to your lenses. Contact storage cases are another common culprit for the collection of bacteria and dirt, as you continue to use them, and these unwanted, and sometimes hazardous foreign substances can easily get onto your lenses, and eye infections can result.

You can achieve that brand new, clean contact experience. Any contact wearer can tell you how good it feels to insert a brand new contact lens in their eye, as opposed to a used one that has dust, dirt, or other grit on it. You can get that fresh experience every morning when you use daily disposable contact lenses.

Higher level of comfort – Daily lenses are thinner, and so there is not as much lens in your eye, as there is with the other types of lenses. It stands to reason, that you are less likely to feel the thinner lens in your eye. Certain individuals who are bothered by the fact that they can see their contacts, will likely find the daily disposable contact lenses are not noticeable.

Avoid build-up on lenses – You will not have any trouble with deposits accumulating on daily wear lenses. Long term lenses tend to accumulate protein, calcium, and other build-up over time. Since you will be throwing your contacts away at the end of one day’s wear, you needn’t worry about this happening.

What happens if you tear or lose a contact? No need to stress. When an ordinary long term wear lens gets torn or lost, it can cause considerable distress, due to the cost of replacement. And it may require a waiting period while the new lenses are ordered and shipped. This can be an expensive endeavor. When you are a daily lens wearer, there is a brand new pair of contacts on hand to replace the damaged or lost one.

You may find that, after considering the benefits that daily disposable contact lenses have to offer, that they may be the type of contact that would work best for you, and for some individuals who have repeatedly had difficulties wearing long term contacts, daily wear lenses may be just the thing to free them from glasses forever!

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