Daily Disposable Contact Lenses – Safe & Convenient

Daily disposables are contact lenses that are worn for one day and then thrown away. They have the distinct advantage of not having to be cleaned, disinfected and stored away over night. Daily contact lenses are some of the safest and most popular lenses available on the market, and wearers generally find them very convenient. Some daily disposable wearers claim that the lenses are so comfortable they can barely feel them at all.

Daily disposable lenses can be worn by people with astigmatism or presbyopia, nearsightedness or farsightedness. Like all contacts, daily disposables must be fitted by an eye care professional, but the process is generally very simple and quick. Allergy sufferers and those who work in dusty environments are often recommended daily contact lenses as there is little risk of pollen or dirt sticking to the lens. Many smokers also appreciate the benefits of a fresh pair every day.

Compared to extended wear lenses, daily contact lenses are made from lighter materials and let more oxygen into the retina. This adds to their exceptional comfort as the materials are easier on the eye and helps safeguard against irritation, and the high oxygen-permeability also protects the eye from infection.

Another advantage of daily contacts is that wearers who only use contact lenses occasionally can take a new pair out of sterile packaging whenever they like, not having to feel like a day without lenses is a waste. Same goes for those who tend to lose a lens. It’s no big deal if it falls on the ground as you’d be throwing it out at the end of the day anyway; losing a pair that’s meant to last you for a month can cause a lot more trouble.

There has been talk of daily disposables having similar durability to two-weekly or monthly contact lenses, which has led to some wearers keeping their daily contacts in way beyond their prime. It should be noted that this could cause serious damage to the eye, since the daily lenses are made for daily wear only. When disposed of on a daily basis, however, daily contact lenses are some of the safest lenses available, and they are indispensable to people whose eyes produce an abnormally large amount of proteins.

While daily contacts can seem quite dear, most wearers are happy to pay a few extra pennies for the added convenience. Often times, not having to spend money on lens cases and solutions balances out the difference. Another way of saving a few quid on your lenses is to shop online, where quality brand contact lenses can be found for 20-70% less than on the high street.

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