Designer Contact Lenses As the Latest Eyewear

Eye refraction errors are easily corrected by use of proper lens such as in eyeglasses. Nowadays, eyeglasses are being replaced with contact lenses. It is easier to use and there is less hassle than when using eyeglasses. Designer Contacts are also available for cosmetic purposes. Most of it does not have therapeutic use and are only used as fashion trend.

Using eyeglasses can be a nuisance at times because one has to be careful with it. It can fall off from one’s face and break into pieces. Contacts on the other hand do not fall off easily and does not break. It provides wider vision allowing one to easily participate in activities such as sports. It is very usable in any type of weather.

To maintain the integrity of contact lenses, it is placed in a solution. This solution cleanses the lens that is made out of soft gel. The soft gel can harden when exposed to air so it must be placed in its solution when not used. The solution not only prevents the lens from hardening but also cleanses it. It removed bacteria that can cause eye infection as well as dust and dirt.

They also come in varied shapes and color to alter eye appearance. Different shades and hues are available to suit everyone’s need. Most contact lenses for eye refraction errors are usually colorless. It can look disturbing when one uses gold contact lenses during work or in school. It makes one look different and people can keep staring at the abnormally colored eyes.

Aside from varied colors and shapes, contact lenses vary in designs. Today, they do not only look like the iris but can be heavily designed. Some are designed like an alien’s eyes, cat’s eyes, vampire eyes, and wide pupil eyes. These contact lenses are usually used as part of a costume in events and entertainment. One can have the look of an angel or the eyes of the devil.

There are also scleral contacts that are made to cover the whole sclera of the eyes. These contact lenses are not used for errors of eye refraction but for cosmetic purposes. Sclera contact lens is large, difficult to use and usually causes visual disturbances. It is heavily used in horror movies. It is not advisable to use it for a long time because it causes irritation.

Some lenses makes eyes look watery or sparkle. Such are the contact lenses with little Swarovski stones or crystals in it. There are numerous designs available and some have dangling crystals to look like a teardrop. Tiny strings attach the stones to the soft gel lens and stones hang during use.

Luxury designers also have their line of specially designed ones. Designer’s initials or logos are embedded on the lens making the eyewear branded. Users can flash their designer eyes to everyone with the look of luxury. These items are perfect for brand-conscious individuals who love to flaunt their designer items.

Beauty can be seen indeed in one’s eyes with the use of Designer Contact Lenses. Fashion trends are not only for clothes and accessories but also for essential eyewear. Whether it is used for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes, contact lenses are the newest trend.

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