Designer Sunglasses – Great Advice When Buying

This article is produced to give some useful advice on selecting designer sunglasses.

First off you need to choose if you’re going to buy the real thing or a fake pair and this will really be determined by your budget.

If you decide to go for a replica pair then you will in all likelihood finish up with a second-rate product, with poorer quality and worse optics. In fact there’s a good chance that a pair of replica sun glasses will not give you UV protection, which really is crucial. So if you can stretch to it, it’s best to go for the authentic article.

There’s no doubt that you will get the best deals on the internet, the problem here is that you won’t be able to try them on. There’s nothing worse than having to arrange a return as a result of the eye wear not suiting you or they’re not the color you wanted. My strong recommendation is to visit a store first and find the glasses you like. Take a friend with you to give you advice on what suits you – a second opinion is crucial when you’re going to spend a lot.

Take care to find a pair that matches the shape of your face. Normally if you have a classic oval face you can pretty much wear anything you fancy. If you have a round face then avoid round eye wear, if you have a long face then choose sunglasses with height and if you have a shorter face then choose glasses with shorter lenses. If you have an angular face then avoid eye wear with sharp edges.

With respect to coloring, by and large, blondes and redheads look excellent in amber or brown frames, brunettes look best in black.

Make a note of the make and model number and then do a search online to find the best price. Try and find a retailer with a good reputation and check that they have a rock solid returns policy. Personally I wouldn’t buy authentic sunglasses from eBay as some of the products are very suspect.

Now what this comes down to is that if you want to get the designer sunglasses that suit you at a bargain, you’re going to have to have some strength of mind to avoid an impulse purchase. Not easy – I know from experience!