Different Sunglasses For Different Faces

Sunglasses are a must buy accessory this summer if you want to look stylish and beat the heat at the same time. Sunglasses cover the most vulnerable areas of your face, your eyes and the area round it, that are most affected by exposure to the sun. The dangerous UV rays of the sun not only cause damage to the skin, but also to your eyes, causing cataracts, glaucoma and even blindness. So if you want to save your eyes from dangerous diseases, the easiest way is to buy yourself a sunglass.

But before you head to the shop, there are a few words of caution that you should keep in mind. The first of these is that try on as many sunglasses as you can to check if they cover your eye area completely. When you try on a few shades, also double check so the sunglasses don’t pinch the bridge of your nose, rather it should sit comfortably. Also to be kept in mind when buying sunglasses is that the glass or the rim, under normal conditions should not in any way touch the eyelashes or sag down to your cheeks.

If this happens it means the sunglass isn’t well fitted enough and needs to be changed. You know you’re wearing the correct sunglass if your pupil is right in the centre of the glass, if not, it’ll have to go as an imperfectly placed sunglass may harm your vision! Apart from these general things, that are mainly the health hazards of buying the wrong pair of glasses, we can now move on to the style quotient of the sunglasses. Sunglasses, like haircuts or makeup, should be bought according to your face structure. To find out the perfect sunglass for yourself, read on to find out how you can choose a sunglass:

o If you’ve got an oval face, you’re in luck! It’s by far the “perfect” face shape out there and just about any style, shape and size suits you! So what are you waiting for? Go flaunt those new shades!

o Having a round face means that the shape of the sunglass has to be such that it makes your face look chiseled and longish, but cutting down those chubby cheeks. Rectangular frames, especially those that are slightly broader than your face will suit you best.

o An angular face needs a pair of shades that’ll make your features tone down and get you that soft, sophisticated look. When choosing sunglasses, you can either opt for square frames, or frames that are smaller than your face so that it minimizes your curves.

o If you have a square face, the frames that would look absolutely perfect are cat’s eye frames. They add a style quotient to square faces and at the same time minimize the squareness of your face, adding volume.

o For an oblong face, it would be best if you settle for round or square shaped frames. This would shorten the length of your face, giving it an illusion of being broader than it really is.

o For those who have a heart shaped face, go for cat’s eye rimmed glasses that enhance the area around the eye, rimless glasses look fabulous as well.

Now that you’ve got your face structures figured out and know which type of glass to choose, you can move on to decide on the color of the frames. While black is the most versatile color that is always in vogue, it doesn’t suit everybody! So don’t just follow the fashion trends blindly, buy a frame that looks and feels comfortable. Also, sunglasses come in a variety of frames and styles, so take your pick according to the material and cost that suits you best.