Discount Contact Lenses Coupon Codes – How to Save Big Money on Contacts!

SAVE MONEY ON DISCOUNT CONTACT LENSES! Contacts are similar to a commodity like gasoline or milk and bread. How often would you buy gas from a station that was 10 cents per gallon more expensive than the one across the street? Contact Lenses are similar in that you have many online resellers selling the same Acuvue or Ciba Vision contacts at wildly different prices.

Of course the most well-known online retailers, i.e. the 1-800-types, charge a premium because they have a high market share and brand recognition but they are selling the identical contacts that dozens of smaller, but still reputable, online contact lens resellers. They sell them for more because they can and because they have to pay for their expensive TV advertising budgets which get them the brand recognition in the first place. In today’s online world most websites are easy to use, most resellers have the lenses in stock and are able ship them with the same carriers as the bigger guys so what really distinguishes one discount contact lens reseller from another? It’s the price stupid. Just kidding of course but it’s amazing how many people simply log-in and refill their order without checking the competition. These same people wouldn’t buy the first airline they ticket they find or book a hotel without looking around a bit.

You can Google, Yahoo or Bing for things like free shipping contact lenses or discount contact lenses coupon code or some other variation to find contacts resellers offering rebates, new customer discounts, coupon codes and free shipping and try to compare the various offers you find and make sure that they are still valid and not expired or you can simply visit a website that has already done this work for you and on a weekly basis scours the internet to keep the information current and save you the time.

If you do the legwork alone or visit a site like the one referenced below you should expect to save at least $20.00 on an average $100.00 contact lens order. For those of us that wear them contacts are something that need to be repurchased over and over. Saving money on each order will add up overtime. Of course if you are at all money conscious you should never buy contact lenses from your eye doctor as again they would be selling you the identical contacts that are available online at savings of over 50% when compared with most Doctor’s offices prices.


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