Discover How To Mix & Match To Get Realistic Colored Contacts

If you are planning to purchase colored contacts for your eyes, then you will want to be sure that you select realistic colored contacts. Essentially, realistic colored contacts are specialized colored contacts that look remarkably real. They don’t appear like you are wearing contacts at all and they compliment your eye color so that your eyes look totally natural. There are a wide range of colored contacts available, with some looking better with darker eyes while others look better on people who have light eyes. You will have to consider your eye color and the various models of realistic colored contacts to find out which combination will provide you the best appearance.

How To Achieve Realistic Results with Dark Eyes

If you have dark eyes, periodically it can be trickier to get realistic results with colored contacts. One of the best selections for people who want realistic colors for darker eyes are Freshlook Colorblends. These contacts provide remarkably real results, which is because the lenses are made of a mixture of different shades of color, similar to the human eye. These lenses will provide you a splendid, lively color for your eyes – some of the colors that will look good on your dark eyes include green and true sapphire.

How To Achieve Realistic Results with Light Eyes

While it is far easier to get realistic results with colored contacts when you have light eyes, you still want to be sure that the contacts you get look natural. If you have light eyes, a suitable model for you may be enhancement color contact lenses. These types of lenses don’t change your color completely, but they will provide you a splendid natural looking tint to your eyes.

Great Color Contacts Combinations to Use for Realistic Colors

Occasionally you will want to preserve the color of your eyes. This generally works great for people with lighter eyes and you can use enhancement lenses to enhance your eye color for a more lively look. However, when it comes to dark eyes you will need more than just enhancement lenses. Those who have dark eyes will look way better with opaque contact lenses. Normally, the best colors are blue, green and violet. Therefore, whenever you are looking for colored contact lenses, be sure that you to compliment the color contacts with the color of your eyes to get a realistic and natural look.

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