Discover the Secrets of Extreme H20 Contact Lenses

Even contact lenses have their new breakthroughs and improvements. In replacement of the outmoded eyeglasses, contacts must provide comfort and clear vision for the eyes. Before purchasing lenses, some commons questions are always asked? “How long can I wear my contacts over the course of a day?” “Will they make my eyes feel sore when I use them for a longer period?” Extreme H2O contact lenses are the answer to these questions. Not only are they designed to be worn for an extended time period, but they also provide comfort to your eyes even at the end of the day.

An Extreme contact lens is also more efficient when talking about budget. These disposable contacts justify every reason for wearing them compared to other brands of contacts. Offering a variety of categories, one can choose from the H2O Thin, Extreme H2O Soft and, the newest, H2O Xtra. Contact lenses are indicated for daily wear and so the product can be worn for a longer time without damaging the eyes and that is why the Extreme H2O contact lens is so popular especially for outdoor sports.

Manufactured by Hydrogel Vision Corp, these lenses provide the hydration the eyes need to prevent dry eyes. They contain 59% water content and are made of 41% Polymer (hioxifilcon A) that gives enough moisture to the eyes to inhibit irritating symptoms when using contacts. Compared to any other disposable contact lens, the Extreme H2O contact lens is more consistent because it will not be distorted even when using it towards the end of the day. And just like others, there are prescription contact lenses that do the job they are supposed to do and that is visual correction. These product runs around $25.00 but can sometime be given a volume discount if you buy eight or more.

Extreme H2O contact lenses are truly innovative in providing the comfort that natural moisture provides the eyes. Like other disposable lenses like Colorblends, their main use is for daily wear but with Extreme H2O lenses the fact that it can be worn for an extended time making it cost-effective. Sophistication and comfort are what these contacts provide.

Other monthly disposable lenses like Extreme H2O are Bausch & Lomb’s PureVision lenses. These lenses deliver outstanding eye health and care. Made of exceptional AeroGel materials with 64% Polymer (balfilcon A) and 36% of water, PureVision is indicated for daily wear. These lenses range in price $29.95 to $55.00.

These are but a few of the many innovations available in Extreme H2O Contact Lenses. Next, discover the secrets of prescription contact lenses at prescriptioncontactlensesreview. Learn how comfortable, affordable and pain free prescription contact lenses can be.