Disposable Contact Lenses – The Perfect Solution For Your Busy Schedule

A well known fact is that most Americans tend to work more than any other people in any other country around the world. Our daily and generally frantic schedules often are not permitting of very much free time. So when it comes to getting the right disposable contacts for your daily schedule, it just makes a great deal of sense to buy your contact lenses online these days.

Adding to this mantra is the fact that when you are shopping online for contacts, you have more options than you do anywhere locally. Add this to the vast array of savings, price breaks and deals that you can find, and it is no surprise that more people are turning to the web to get the deals on the disposable contact lenses they need in order to see correctly as they go about their hectic and demanding daily affairs.

Vertex Lenses

An innovation by Cooper Vision, this Lens is an easy choice for many people who wear contacts. Featuring the signature Ultra Sync edge design, these are some pretty comfortable lenses that won’t dry out your eyes. They are also among some of the most affordable that you can find, and work for almost any eye type and prescription.

Acuvue Lenses

It pioneered a revolution in contact lenses when they released the world’s very first soft disposable lenses in 1988. Ever since that time, this company has been the leader in developing and procuring the greatest innovations in disposable contact lenses. Not only are they are affordable and comfy, but they also can be worn by those who have astigmatism and even presbyopia.

Air Optix Lenses

What really sets these lenses aside from the rest of the pack is their patented and signature elite silicon hydrogel technology. The hyrdogel is a patented surface technology that not only helps keep the lenses lubricated, but prevents undesirable protein buildup as well. They are affordable and ideal for all contact wearers, even those with astigmatism, or those who use them for extended periods of wear.

Biomedics Lenses

There are some great reasons as to why these Lenses are some of the most popular and widely used of all disposable contact lenses in the modern era. Aside from their affordability, the ease of using them and their long lasting nature, they incorporate a milestone technology that provides maximum oxygenation and prevents dryness and protein buildup. They are also available for a wide variety of eye conditions, including astigmatism.

Ciba Lenses

There are many reasons two billion Ciba Lenses were sold last year alone! This is a number that easily places them at the head table for great popularity amongst contact lens wearers. One reason is Ciba’s patented silicone hydrogel formula, a system that keeps the lenses hydrated and prevents protein build up. When paired with their affordability, these disposable contact lenses truly are hard to beat.

Cooper Lenses

The Cooper Company been on top for making some of the highest and longest-lasting contact lenses for more than five decades. Among many great reasons as to why this is so, easily at the upper echelon is their signature Balanced Progressive technology. This allows for these contacts to be affordable obtained for those who have astigmatism or presbyopia, or even for those who are seeking quality and long-lasting contact lenses for a great value.

Frequency Lenses

These contact lenses are very well known for their comfort and long-lasting quality. But it also have something that many other lenses do not offer: a signature Ultra Sync manufacturing process that assures the very highest of excellence and the longest lasting nature of any disposable contact lenses that one could find. They are also available for those who have astigmatism, or who require multifocal lenses, which is a very difficult feature to find with any other contact lenses.

Freshlook Lenses

Who says that you have to stick to your genetic strain when it comes to the eye color that you were born with and the corrective vision contact lenses that you wear? If you are seeking a very high quality product that not only corrects your vision but also is very comfortable to wear and changes your eye color, look no further than Ciba Vision’s amazing Freshlook Lenses. They come in a wide variety of different colors, too. This means that every other week you could swap out your disposable contact lenses and boast a sassy new eye color that will wow your family and friends-while at the same time being able to correct your vision!

Paula Masi is a freelance writer who writes about health, eye care and specific products and where to purchase them such as disposable contact lenses