Do Not Confound Non-Corrective and Non-Prescriptive Contact Lenses

Colored contacts offer an easy and natural looking way to change your eye color depending on how you want to change your look. People wear different colored contact lenses to transform looks for a special event or party, like the Hallowmas. They are a fast growing segment of the contact lens market. For adornment, colored contacts are often non-corrective, not for vision correction. They are also called non-corrective lenses.

There are also non-prescriptive lenses. Some people usually can not tell one from the other, regarding them as the same lens but with different names. However, the fact is non-corrective lenses are totally different from non-prescriptive lenses. To help people not use the two terms interchangeably, the distinction between them should be stated.

What is non-corrective contact lens?

Non-corrective contact lenses are those people who use to make their eyes like animals’ eyes or change the color of the wearer’s eyes, not designed to correct vision. Therefore, they have another name of plano lenses that eye care practitioners and contact lenses distributors often call. Since non-corrective contacts are not for any sort of vision impairment, many people hold that they do not need to have a prescription before they purchase non-corrective contacts. However, the fact is that the improper of those contacts could cause permanent eye injury or blindness in the long run. Therefore, the US House of Representatives have granted authority to the FDA to regulate non-corrective contact lenses, requiring those people to undergo an eye exam and have a valid prescription.

What is non-prescription contact lens?

Firstly, some non-prescription contact lenses are, in the opposite, for vision impairment, but they are usually directly sold to customers who have not undergone an eye exam or received a lens prescription from a licensed eye practitioner or in a formal hospital. Selling non-prescription contact lenses is an act in violation of regulation, because getting wrong lenses, apart from minor irritation, there is also the danger of possible eye scarring while could lead to blindness. Although there is a consumer guidelines in place, there are still some distributors selling non-prescription lenses. Therefore, you should be more responsible when purchasing contacts, being sure to have a prescription in advance.

Both of the two types of contacts lenses require prescription, which indicates the importance of prescription, because the eye sizes of different people differ, you need to have your eyes fitted and measured before you can get the right lenses. In addition, the wrong lenses may fit too tightly and may prevent the eyes from receiving sufficient oxygen. It is also a possibility of causing eyes red, irritated and blurred.

It is universally known to all that colored and costume lenses change one’s look, and provide fun, however, for your own eye good, precautions are necessary and to get a prescription by a licensed eye care practitioner. Therefore, do not buy contacts in non-authorized stores, such as beauty salons, record stores, convenient stores and other retail outlets, so are some on-line stores, except some reputable, authorized contact sellers. Thus you need to check carefully when buying contacts online.

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