Do You Want Some Information on Contact Lenses?

Eyes are the most expressive part of our body…no wonder they are called “the mirror to our souls”. Beautiful eyes add to the beauty of the face…they are often the most sorted after part of a woman; a pair of eyes that can make their admirers drool over them!

I’m sure each of us has a lovely pair of eyes, and would love to show them off! The hindrance to this is of course, the pair of specs we are often forced to wear, spectacles are a much needed tool no doubt, but they often hide the prettiest feature that we possess.

Not only that, wearing specs means that we cannot swim, or play a vigorous game of tennis, or even dance. Simply put, every activity that requires us to move about too much is restricted because of the specs. You may have often heard your doctor mention contact lens, the truth is that many people believe it’s not too safe!

They fall off while washing your eyes, they may be very irritating if dust enters your eyes, and on top of this, the constant burden of washing your lens every day and before every replacement. This is why most people think that even though contact lens is popular, specs are a much safer choice. But we have news that’ll put all your fears and reservations at rest.

Contact lenses can be an easier, safer option, provided you choose wisely according to what you’ll be comfortable wearing. Contact lenses are made differently for different needs, so pick out the one that best suits your requirements, you’ll find that they are not only comfortable, but they undoubtedly are the best accessories your eyes can ask for! To make your search less tedious, here’s a list of the various types of contact lenses you can choose from:

o The first type of contact lens we’ll talk about is disposable lens. You must have guessed from the name itself that these are ones you can throw off once you’re done with them, or if you find they are not suiting you. Of course, this means that you won’t have to clean them at regular intervals, you won’t have to fret if you suddenly discover they’ve fallen off. While you’re using them, you’ll have no trouble maintaining them. Now lets move on to the vast range of contact lens that fall under the category of disposable lenses…but are suited for different needs.

o The next category is daily disposable lens. It’s evident from the name that these are lenses you can dispose off everyday, that is, they can be used once, so you’ll have to wear a new pair everyday, and there’s absolutely no chance of infection. They don’t require disinfection, cleaning solutions, and all the trouble we associate with having to wear contact lenses. This type of lens is also very useful and well suited for those who normally use specs but reserve contact lenses for special occasions.

A slight variation of this kind of lens is sports lenses. These lenses are just right for those who spend a lot of their time outdoors in activity. Spectacles are of course a major difficulty for those who play physically demanding sports like tennis, football or swimming. These contact lenses make you completely free of that burden on your eyes and ensure that you can perform your best at all the events. They are also very useful if you’re going mountaineering or rock climbing, by wearing these, if you can wear a sunglass over it, you’re all set to take on the hills, and your eyes are all protected! Like the daily disposable contact lens, they too can be thrown away after a single use, and requires no disinfection and changes!

o Moving on, the next type of disposable contact lenses available is the monthly disposable variety. The only way they are similar to daily contact lenses is that they can be disposed off…but the deadline is a month instead of a day. These require some more care, as they have to be cleaned and disinfected everyday for one month. Very similar to these are contact lenses that can be worn over a period of a year, and can be disposed for a new pair thereafter. Of course, this type of lens is most suited for those who use contacts on an everyday basis and not occasionally. You need to be used to the procedures of using and maintaining lenses to use these.

Before you buy the lenses, there’s another last thing that you’ll need to keep in mind. Whether you’re wearing contact lenses on a regular basis, or occasionally, it’s extremely important that you keep a spare pair of lens or specs within reach. Much as we admit that contact lens is an easier option, you should have an extra pair of specs just in case you need them.

Always keep them with you even if you’re away from home, so that you’re not dependent on a single pair of lenses. Of course, since most lens users are ex-specs users, they never leave home without their trusty old pair of glasses or an extra pair of lens that can see them through if the existing pair fails!

Suzanne Hughes is an eyewear style consultant who specializes in reading sunglasses. Visit her website for great glasses and styles from top fashion designers such as Clic reading glasses, Scojo Vision, Seeqa and Others.