Does a Contact Lens For Dry Eyes Actually Help?

Maybe you think you can’t wear contacts because your eyes are so dry. That may have been true at one time , but it’s likely not true now. A contact lens for dry eyes may be the solution that lets you wear contacts with comfort. You see many people have dry eyes for a variety of reasons. The contacts manufacturers have spent piles of money developing lenses that are made to solve this problem.

The most common material in these special contacts is called silicon hydro gel. What that means for you is the lenses contain lots of moisture. In fact, they are largely made up of water. They are made to retain that water too. That’s the key to making them comfortable to wear even with dry eyes. They are actually like eye moisturizers.

There are many reasons for dry eyes. Sometimes as we age our eyes are drier. But dry eyes can be a symptom of an illness or it could just be a result of the environment you’re in. Just a windy area dries eyes. In any case, these special contacts often are the answer that will let you enjoy eliminating glasses and wearing contacts.

Several companies make these lenses. One of the leading brands is the Acuvue. The Acuvue Oasys is the dry eyes lens that is best for many people. My wife has been able to wear these successfully after having given up on contacts years ago because of dry eyes. It may be worth a look.

Now these contacts are the type that you use for about two weeks and then get new ones. The contacts are taken out at night and soaked in a special contact solution. That way the lenses are recharged with moisture and conditioners every day. You can also get special drops to add to your eyes while you’re wearing the lenses to help keep your eyes moist and comfortable.

A contact lens for dry eyes may let you wear contacts even though your eyes are dry. The right contacts can be comfortable and let you enjoy great vision and lay aside those pesky eyeglasses. Check out the lens choices that may finally work for you.

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