Enhancement and Opaque Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses can offer a flattery for some people for special purposes. In general, colored lenses have prescription model and non-prescription model. The first one is the right choice for individuals who need vision correction. In this case, customers should question about the corrective features whiling buying colored lenses. Prescription colored contact lenses can curtail the progression of vision problems like presbyopia. Meanwhile, special eye look is achievable. On the other hand, non-prescription colored contact lenses is simply for cosmetic purposes.

In the market, there are different brands of colored contacts. For any wearer, it is necessary to take into account a couple of factors when they plan to buy these products. Some of the commonly assessed factors include price, vision correction, and type, disposable and so forth. Among these factors, lens type is essential for wearers to choose suitable colored lenses. Generally speaking, colored contact lenses come in enhancement type and opaque type.

In most cases, enhancement tinted lenses suit users who have light eyes, because these lenses are supposed to enhance one’s natural eye color. It is highly imaginable that a person with black eyes can never realize obvious change if he or she chooses to wear enhancement lenses. Made of crystalline substances, enhancement colored lenses can only slightly enrich the natural eye color. The other type is opaque lenses. This model is applicable to a wider range of customers. People with dark brown or bombshell blue eyes can all choose opaque lenses because they can change the eye color completely. Wearers of opaque lenses can get an entirely new eye color.

Yet there is still a variant of colored lenses, which has light filtering tints on them. In fact, this special type is designed to enhance the presence of a particular color and dull other colors out. These specially tinted lenses are extremely helpful for tennis or basketball players for they can help them see the ball clearly.