Eye Color Contacts – Choose Your Color To Make Your Style

Contact lenses were originally designed for medical purposes but over the last few years or so, the contact lens industry has diversified with new colors and styles and made the simple lens a fashion accessory. This article explains the various options of contacts that can enhance the color of the eye. It will be a helpful article for those who want to use color contacts for the first time.The article provides a helpful insight into eye color lens market, their choices and usage.

The color contact lens market has three different options for users who want to change or lend some color to their natural eyes. Each of these options serves a unique need of the users.

Visibility Tints – These contacts have a tint that helps in locating them easily while they rest in the solution in their boxes. The slight tint helps the user to insert and remove them from the eye with ease. The sole purpose of the tint is to facilitate handling. These contact lens is so light in color that it cannot bring any change in the intensity or shade of the natural eye.

Enhancement tints – These are semi-transparent lenses which have darker tints and shades than visibility tint contacts. These eye color lenses are meant to provide brightness and sparkle to the original eye color by lending subtle enhancements to the natural eye shade or by blending with the natural eye color to reflect a new shade. Eye color lens can produce a stunning effect on the overall appearance of the user. The market for these lens is huge and they are available in many shades. Experts and fashion stylists recommend enhancement tints to people with light colored eyes. The choice of shade depends on the hair, the skin tone and also the apparel of the user.

Brown colored contacts are not available in this variety. Enhancement tints exaggerate the natural color of the eye and will not provide any joy to people with brown eyes.

Color tints – These are opaque and dark color lens that can change the color and natural appearance of the eye quite radically. The change is noticeable and alters the look of the user considerably. This type of color contact lens can be seen in shades of hazel, violet, blue, green, gray and sapphire. These opaque color tints work well on brown eyes as well. Brown colored contacts work well for individuals who have naturally brown eyes. They will benefit from a more radiant and sparkling brown tinge in their eye color upon using these opaque brown colored contacts. Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Cameron Diaz have increased the popularity of brown colored contacts.

A first time user will have to research and experiment with various brands and colors till they find what works best for them. The decision to buy eye color lens depends on the age, hair and skin tone of the person. The market presents a whole lot of choices in the color contact lens segment.

The Color Contact Lens options are visibility, enhancement and opaque color tints. These types serve a different purpose. Visibility tints do not change the color of the eye, enhancement tints brighten and augment the natural eye color and opaque color tints can create a startling change in the color of the natural eye.

Brown Colored Contacts are only available in opaque tints. Choice of color and impact varies with each individual.