Finally, A Truly Revolutionary Soft Multifocal Contact Lens For Dry Eyes!

What Makes Soft Multifocal Contact Lenses So Special?

Multifocal contact lens is here to address more vision and comfort issues in an totally new way. When most people think of contact lenses, they think of a little piece of plastic that rests on the cornea to correct vision. Sounds simple, right? In fact there is a lot that goes in to the design and development of each and every contact lens, but this new lens takes the cake. The multifocal contact lens combines all the useful features that may make you a satisfied multifocal lens wearer.

What makes this lens so extraordinary? For starters, let’s take a look at the hybrid aspect. The optical center of this lens is feigned with very breathable gas permeable material known as Paragon HDS 100. The ‘100’ refers to the DK, which is a measure of oxygen permeability, and let’s just say that 100 are very high. What does this mean for your eye? It will breathe easy as you wear your lenses.

Traits of Soft Multifocal Contact lenses:

Optically speaking, soft multifocal lenses are far superior. These lenses are essentially a smooth piece of plastic that is polished to a finish; therefore they provide wearers incredibly sharp vision. Soft lenses provide, well, soft vision. They are prone to fluctuation with dehydration and wear time. At best, the visual acuity of a soft lens is never as crisp as a gas permeable lens. Then, don’t forget that this particular lens is also a multifocal, meaning it is designed to correct both your distance vision and near vision for reading. Every contact lens fitter knows that for best multifocal success, fit soft lenses. However, there has always been a comfort stigma associated with straight gas perms. Now with the soft lens skirt, this multifocal is sure to change the way we all fit and wear contact lenses.

Soft Multifocal Lenses for Dry Eyes:

Soft multifocal contact lenses for dry eyes contain the new polymers used in these contact lenses help to keep it moist. There are 2 types of multifocal lenses formulated for people suffer from dry eyes, Acuvue Oasis and Proclear Compatibles receive the most favorable reviews from wearers. Acuvue Oasis, by Johnson and Johnson, is specifically formulated for people who work or live in dry environments. Acuvue Oasis contains Hydraclear Plus a special rewetting agent thats make the contact lens feel moist Proclear Compatibles, by Cooper Vision, is made from omafilcon A, Proclear lens contains phosphorylcholine – a substance that occurs naturally in human cells (Proclear uses technology of biocompability) that makes your body not reject it as a foreign object in your eye So Proclear Compatibles feel moist in your eye and don’t cause dehydration.

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