Finding a Contact Lens for Dry Eyes

Have you ever heard about a contact lens for dry eyes? Like many others, you might just be surprised to hear about it. This is because millions of people actually get dry eyes because of wearing contact lenses. Is it ever possible for contact lenses to help reduce dry eyes instead?

Dry Eyes

We all know what we need tears and eye moisture for. They are the eyes’ number one defense against dust, particles and organisms that can do damage to the eyes. Not all of us though have sufficient eye moisture all the time. Those who do lack moisture end up suffering from the symptoms of dry eyes such as itchiness and discomfort.

There are a couple of possible causes for the loss of moisture. They can develop in people who are fast approaching the golden age. Other possible causes include some types of medicines, constant exposure to dirt and frequent use of air conditioning. One other common cause is prolonged staring at the computer or at work papers. Those who wear contact lenses also tend to be more prone to dry eyes.

Contact Lenses and Dryness

Most of us know that there are different kinds of contact lenses. Most of them cause dry eyes but do so differently. Hard, gas permeable lenses actually fend off moisture so your eyes lose moisture. Its soft counterpart however, does the opposite. When soft lenses lose their moisture, they draw moisture from the eyes. Your eyes are also more likely to lose their moisture if you keep on wearing contact lenses for extended periods of time across several years.

Treatment for Dry Eyes

There was no contact lens for dry eyes in the past. There were however, various possible solutions. Your doctor for instance may prescribe you some kind of eye drops. You would have to remove your lenses before treating your eyes. There are also some drops available that can keep your lenses temporarily moistened while you are wearing them.

One common sense way of dealing with them is to take care of your contacts. You should clean your contact lenses regularly. They should also be taken off when you do not need them or when they need to be replaced.

New Contact Lenses

These days, there is a brand new solution for dry eyes. You can correct your vision and avoid it by buying the new line of contact lenses that keep moist during wear. There are also moist contact lenses for people who do not have vision problems but need some help with dry eyes. Some of these moist lens brands are so comfortable to wear that tired and burning eyes won’t be much of a problem anymore. You might even forget that you are actually wearing lenses. The best thing about these lenses is that they do not need to be frequently moistened with external solutions.

Contact lens for dry eyes is real and very much available. If you want to save yourself from a whole lot of eye discomfort, you should consider getting your eyes measured for one. Visit your doctor to get the right lenses.

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