Finding Comfortable Green Eye Contacts and Brown Eye Contacts

Some people, in the past, tried to use colored contacts and found that they hated the whole experience altogether. Historically, a big problem with colored contacts was the fact that they were often uncomfortable to the user. Just because they had color in them, meant that they were thicker. Instead of having a benefit is similar to regular soft contact lenses, they were just like old fashioned hard contact lenses. This not only cause irritation to the eye but also to the eyelid. Of course, who wants to wear contact lenses when they cause a lot of irritation to your eyes. Overall, they were not affected to doing their job either. If you wanted a dramatic change your eye color, you would’ve been extremely disappointed. An additional disadvantage is that the eye color extended itself beyond the iris into the white part of the eye. This made it extremely obvious that you’re wearing colored contacts.

In today’s time, you have fewer problems with the contacts looking very obvious. You also no longer have to worry about wearing hard contact lenses and the irritation that comes from them. One other problem that many people had was that a dark eye color meant that they got little results with wearing color contacts. Today, you do not have to worry about this kind of problem. Color contacts today no longer depend on your original eye color. In the past, they were meant to work with your real eye color in the way that a color transparency works. For example, if you had blue eyes, you could wear green eye contacts to make your blue eyes seem a little more green. Today, they work to completely cover your old eye color altogether.

If you wanted your old eye color to look natural, in the past, this was next to impossible. However, in the past few years, this has been dramatically overcome. In part, once it was discovered that most people would get the most results from completely covering the old eye color, they went to far with them asking technique. They forgot that many people have eye color that is composed of many colors. For example, people with blue eyes actually have many shades of white, yellow, gray, and blue. These are composed of zigzag patterns, flecks, and other random variations. People with brown eyes often have concentric rings of color. The only brown part of their eyes is often the outer ring of the iris. The middle rings are often yellow, orange, green, and dark brown. Some people also have starburst patterns that radiate from the iris. All of these patterns and colors are what make eyes look natural.

In order to get the perfect brown eye contacts, they must be able to cover your old color and put a pattern and color in its place that has the features of an actual eye color. In the past few years, this is been overcome. They also help you to choose the best color based on your current look. For example, someone with red hair will look better with brown eyes that have a lot of green in them. For olive complected people, green eyes look best if they have a little bit of brown in them. The list goes on and on. Once you have selected the perfect contacts, the final decision will be what makeup to wear. The rest is yours.

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