Finding Replacements For Your Contact Lens

Contact lenses may be less prone to damage than ordinary spectacles or eye glasses because it is directly worn under the eyelids and protected from injury by the shape of the skull, but with some inevitable circumstance, contacts can still be damaged.

Damaged contacts should never be worn again, and it is not repairable. Thus, it is very important to take good care of it. Some people who damaged their contacts find it difficult to go to their every day routine, as most of them are not comfortable using their old eye glasses for the meantime.

If you happen to break your contacts, it is advisable to consult your eye doctor again for the replacement pair, before you order it through regular channels. It is generally advisable to check your ophthalmologist before purchasing new pair of contacts, for there may be some changes in your vision, and you might be prescribed with new grade of vision.

It is even harder to find replacements if you damage your contacts on a weekend, as most eye doctors are not in their clinics on weekends, and you have to wait until the next Monday for your consultation.

To get the replacement you want, you should present your contact lens prescription first. This is a standard requirement, and it is a Law you should follow. The only exemption from this is the color of the contact lens you want to wear. But this is applicable only if the brand of the contacts you are prescribed to wear has the color you want.

After you finish the registration process, that is when they will start finding the replacement for you. The services and the new pair of contacts you get from this is generally cheaper than your first order.

Some people who are always on the go, or lives an active lifestyle keeps an extra pair of contacts with them, so they can easily replace their damaged contacts lens any given time.

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