Four Categories of Color Contact Lenses and More Tips

Eyes play a very important role in the appearance of a person. The color of the eye is definitely a very strong feature of the face. If you were not born with the eyes you always wished you had, then worry not. You have a solution in the form of color contact lenses. Having colored eyes has become more like a fashion statement. The complete look of a person changes if the color of his or her eyes changes. People wear Colored lenses not just for style and statement. Even people with Presbyopia and astigmatism can have corrected vision with colored lenses.

People with a crazy streak even stock several pairs of different color lenses. They change their eye color depending on the dress they wear. Today, due to the growing demand for color contact lenses, you have lenses in many colors. These include blue, green, brown, hazel, gray, violet, honey, topaz, and sapphire lenses. There are even colors like red and white available. The following are four categories for colored lenses.

Enhancement lenses – These kinds of colored lenses help to enhance the natural color of your eye. These lenses are more suited to people with light eyes. If you already have dark eyes, then there is no point in enhancing the color further.

Opaque lenses – Mostly, all colored lenses are opaque. They can completely change the color of your eyes. Even if you have dark eyes, you could get any color by wearing such lenses. These lenses come in solid colors. The lens, when placed on the iris conceals the natural eye color. There is a hole in the center for light to pass.

Visible tints – The main purpose of these lenses is to help you handle your contacts. The visible tints do not change the eye color. Wearing visible tints will only help you wear, and remove your lenses with ease. They lenses have slight tint only for the purpose of visibility.

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