Free Colored Contact Lenses – Just Don’t See Red!

Not only can contact lenses change your vision – and ease of living from not having to deal with glasses anymore, they can also help you change your appearance.

Whether you just want to make an impact, have a laugh at a party or be able to match your eye color to whatever outfit you are wearing for the day, colored contact lenses allow you to do so easily and with the minimum of fuss and bother.

Recently though – there’s been a huge swell of searches and enquires for free colored contact lenses.

Not good, not good at all.

Why not, you ask?

Well, by the very nature of how things are done today – is free such a good option to search for?

Imagine the following factual scenario.

A company looks to make a free sample or free fun product with which to promote themselves. (Note that the two things are different!) They plan to give them away free to anyone who wants them and who writes in or phones.

What incentive does the company making the free fun give away have to make sure their product is of top quality.

I know, you’re going to jump up and berate me with comments along the general line of “Well, if they don’t make them well enough, people won’t buy their stuff!”

Fine – people don’t buy their stuff.

Not much use for those who have tried “their stuff” and ended up with impaired vision because of it though – is it!

If a company looks to give away free contacts, they should be doing it as a marketing push to entice you to sign up with them for life, wanting to always use their superb products and scintillating customer care.

If you want free colored contact lenses, search on the internet for companies that offer a free trial of their products – not any ‘fly-by-night, here to day and gone tomorrow’ company that are offering to give you them for no real reason.

Also – when you are going to take advantage – check where they are manufactured first, please. Remember that the serious companies selling things such as contact lenses have to satisfy that they are produced correctly and ensure that they are supplied and manufactured by a responsible, proven and certified company.

A ‘fly-by-night’ will tender and give the work to the cheapest company it can find. They really won’t care about the quality controls and product certification. For example – how many companies are having to recall simple items manufactured in China for instance? Imagine if you were wearing colored contacts supplied by a company that went bust in a blaze of glory – just how safe would you feel then?

There are plenty of lenses manufacturers who you could also contact direct and see if they have any samples that you could assess.

Bottom line? It’s all well and good having the fun of changing appearance, saving money, getting a real steal and wowing your friends. Just not if it actually costs you or impairs one of the most valuable things you currently possess. Your unimpaired vision!

Free colored contact lenses are just one of the areas you need to watch out for when buying contact lenses. Check out contact-lens-info-online colored-contact-lenses.html to find out what other traps await the unwary!