Frequency Contact Lenses

Let Your Eyes Breathe with Frequency Contact Lenses

Cooper Vision has perfected the art of manufacturing optics and this is evident from the manufacturer’s Frequency brand of contact lenses. The use of modern technologies, like Balanced Progressive Technology and tinting, has resulted in creation of some reliable Frequency contacts. Durability and dehydration resistance are some of the desirable traits of these contact lenses.

Given below is the description of the most popular contact lenses launched under the Frequency brand by Cooper Vision:

Frequency 38

These are monthly disposable contacts with high level performance. They are tinted to ensure easy handling as well as to ensure that they don’t change the eyes’ color. Frequency 38 contact lenses are manufactured from highly deposit resistance material that maintains the desired level of comfort for the wearer. The composition of these contacts is 62 percent Polymacon and 38 percent water.

Frequency 55

These are easy to replace monthly disposable contacts manufactured using UltraSync technology. Also, the light blue handling tint ensures easy handling and proper care of these lenses. Frequency 55 contains 45 percent of Methafilcon A and 55 percent of water. They are durable as well as highly comfortable to be worn for long hours.

Frequency 55 Aspheric

Designed using aspheric technology, these lenses are perfect solutions for those having small amount of astigmatism. A crisp and precise vision is ensured by the lenses by focusing the light t a common focal point. They are tinted and contain 45 percent of Methafilcon with 55 percent of water.

Frequency 55 Multifocal

Among the most popular Frequency contacts are the 55 Multifocal lenses. They are designed with a special technology called Balanced Progressive Technology to provide perfect match to dominant and non-dominant eye. The combination of spherical and aspheric optics makes them powerful eye-care pieces. As the name suggests, they contain 55 percent water and 45 percent polymer.

Frequency 55 Toric

Designed to correct the problem of astigmatism, the Frequency 55 Toric add high level clarity to the vision. The composition is same as that of other Frequency 55 lenses. These lenses are thin and are made up of highly deposit resistance material. A variation of these lenses is available in the form of Frequency 55 Toric XR contact lenses. These lenses are meant for Extended Parameter Range.

While purchasing one of the Frequency contact lenses, make sure that you know the exact value of the parameters like power and axis for both the eyes.

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