Frighten Even Yourself With Twilight Vampire Contact Lenses

Halloween may be the most popular holiday of the year to dress up as a scary creature, with the favorite costume being a vampire, but it isn’t the only time. There are plays and productions throughout the year, which feature those blood sucking, tall, dark, and handsome undead, which have been stealing the hearts of unsuspecting women for centuries. Maybe it’s true the eyes have it, because when an actor steps into his costume, he also steps into his role by adding twilight vampire contact lenses. These are quite effective and complete the realistic look the actor has set out to achieve.

But where does one purchase vampire contact lenses? There are local shops and online websites which feature high quality holiday or anytime colored lenses for sale at very affordable prices. It is important to remember, some are not pure nor safe as they may contain a paint which can damage the eyes. Hands down, the most popular of all lenses chosen by most would be vampires, are the red hot colored ones. These look scary, realistic, and work by camouflaging the center which is clear for unobstructed vision. When someone else is looking at the eyes, they cannot see this, and it makes for a very frightening experience, all in fun of course.

It is extremely important to wash the hands thoroughly before applying the vampire contact lenses to remove any chance of transferring bacteria to the eyes. With each product purchased should be easy to understand instructions. In addition, be sure to shop early such as late September or, early October as most of the best Halloween costumes and accessories are sold rather quickly. It’s always a good idea to apply any face paint made for faces first, and to fix the hair the way you want. Lastly, the contact lenses should be inserted. Be sure to have everything you need to scare or impress other people or family members but, be careful when you look in the mirror at the finished product, you may just frighten yourself too.