Fun With Theatrical Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have generally been thought of as an aid for vision impaired people. They have always been an implement to help correct vision, but today’s contact lenses are used for many different purposes and fooling or surprising friends and family is just one of those purposes. The designs available today is far greater than simply corrective lenses. They have floral designs, different colors, beastly and even comical.

Having fun with theatrical contact lenses is probably one of the most harmless ways to surprise your family and friends. You can wear them for fun or for dress up for Halloween, raves and even holidays such as 4th of July. Many of these contacts are made from the same materials, or very similar, as the prescription contacts therefore they are safe for you to wear any time. When Kiefer Southerland wore his vampire contacts in The Lost Boys they were thick and covered the entire eye so they could only be worn for three seconds at a time. His scene after Marco died was an honest to goodness cry due to the pain the contacts caused him.

Today’s contacts are thin and flexible making them comfortable to wear for many hours. The designs that are available at many online retailers range from vampire to patriotic to completely black or completely white. Many actors have worn theatrical contact lenses like Vin Diesel in Pitch Black as Riddick. His contacts were a mirrored type of sun blocking lens. If you look close in his eyes, you can literally see a reflection of the person taking the photograph. Others such as the stars of Twilight and The Incredible Hulk used theatrical contacts as well. These are probably the movies that made most of these versions of freaky eyes popular.

Using these contacts can be fun, especially when others are expecting to see you beautiful green eyes and you look at them with animal teeth eyes. Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to design special lenses for just about every occasion. They even have some that are called hypnotic lenses because they are a black or red lens with a spiral of white or black leading into your pupil. An American flag would be the hit of the party at a 4th of July party and pink, yellow, red or blue glowing contacts would look great under the black light at a club.

No matter what reason you have for wearing them, theatrical contact lenses are fun to wear. Wear them as part of a costume or simply to change your appearance. You can buy these special contacts online at multiple retailers and eye care centers. There are also some mail order companies that carry them but you must make certain that they are made of approved materials. Some contacts can damage your eyes if they are not cared for properly so make sure you take care of them as you would a normal pair of prescription contact lenses. They must be cleaned after each use and kept in a solution to prevent them from drying out.

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