Gargoyle – Pioneer of Sunglasses Industry

One may think that people with Gargoyle sunglasses look very cool. It is true that such kind of coolness is the combined merits that can only be detected in Gargoyle. Comparatively, gargoyle is a very young member in optical industry. However, Denis Burns, the founder of Gargoyle, has initiated a revolution in the industry. In 1979, the year when Gargoyle was founded, Denis Burns had invented the toric lenses, which are the results of the latest technologies. Owning to its leading-edge advantages, the 1980s has witnessed a boom period of Gargoyle. And, nowadays, sunglasses, manufactured by Gargoyle are very welcomed among people of all walks of life.

Products produced by Gargoyle are multifunctional, namely, they bear various sorts of functions and unique features.

The foremost important feature of sunglasses produced by Gargoyle is they are very durable. Generally, products from Gargoyle can withstand almost 5-6 times’ external force than other like products in the market. Hence, some of them have been employed for military use.

Sunglasses produced by Gargoyle can filter out almost all harmful rays. It is true that most wearers of Gargoyle sunglasses are outdoorsmen. Thus harmful radiations from the sun are real threats for their health. Accordingly, products from Gargoyle can block all sorts of UV rays and radiations. Moreover, Gargoyle sunglasses are made for anti-glare. Glares reflected from objects around may cause very serious damages on people’s eyes, and these sunglasses can solve these problems very smartly.

In order to satisfy different demands of wearers, Gargoyle has prompted several categories of sunglasses, as classic collection, stat collection, shield collection, function collection, etc. Of course, these typical types of Gargoyle vary a lot with each other in terms of functions and design concepts, so as to gratify the massive consumers of different favors.

In addition to features foregoing, fashion and the latest trend are also eye-catching characteristics of Gargoyle sunglasses.