Get Bright Colors and Classic Style for Spring 2011 With Ray Ban Sunglasses

In the fashion world, “unisex” is not synonymous with “androgynous,” nor does it mean “uniform.” Rather, a unisex look easily blends in with men’s or women’s fashion. For sunglasses, Ray Ban has made unisex styles for many years, and one of more of the brand’s frames, from aviators to wayfarers, has been relevant to fashion in every decade.

Classic looks and bright colors – sometimes on the same accessory – appear to be the spring 2011 trend for sunglasses. Rather than wading through the rhinestone-covered and oversized looks from the past few years, find a unisex pair of Ray Ban sunglasses to add to your wardrobe.

Last popular in the 1980s, wayfarers are, for the time being, Ray Ban’s signature look. Fashion, overall, is experiencing an ’80s and early ’90s revival, with flannel, ra-ra skirts, and off the shoulder shirts, and wayfarer sunglasses fit right in. Ray Ban sunglasses are the original wayfarers, and for spring 2011, the brand meets both classic and bright color trends. For a back-to-basics look, black wayfarers fit into any woman’s or man’s wardrobe. If you want to play around with color, frames and lenses cover the entire spectrum from turquoise, red, and pink to neon and gold.

As a fashion item, aviators, often associated with 1980s film Top Gun, were part of the line of Ray Ban sunglasses over the years. Also a throwback to the ’80s, aviators have been an “it” item for men and women over the past five years. Instead of going for a unisex appearance, the recent aviator sunglasses have included colored frames and gradient lenses. These variations, however, have been worn out and now seem tacky instead of original, and aviator sunglasses for spring 2011 should have a classic appearance. Stylish for men and women, classic aviators have a metal frame and black or silver lenses.