Getting Comfort With Your Contact Lenses

When you make the decision to wear contact lenses, if they are not fitted properly or they are not taken care of the way your doctor helps you then problems can arise. There are many things to that you should know before purchasing contact lenses.

Types of lenses available

When you go to the eye doctor they will sit you down and explain to you in detail the different types of lenses for you to choose from. There are two main lens categories to choose from:

• Soft contacts
• Hard contacts

Soft contacts come in 3 different varieties: One-time use, Daily wear and extended use. The advantages to soft contacts are that they tend to be more comfortable to wear, the adjustment period is shorter, and they are able to stay in place during physical activity, such as working out at the gym. One of the most noted complaint about the soft contact is that they do not help in correcting all vision problems that you may have.

Hard contacts, which are also called gas permeable lenses, tend to be more rigid then their softer counterparts. In order to stay healthy your cornea needs oxygen, and hard contacts allow your eye to breath. One of the main advantages to having hard contacts is that they are able to correct most vision problems. If you care for you lenses the way your doctor will be sure to recommend, your lenses can last up to 3 years, or at least till your prescription changes. One of the biggest disadvantages to hard contacts is the adjustment times are a little longer.

How can I avoid eye infections?
To ensure the comfort of your contact lenses, there are procedures that you will be able to take to ensure eye safety. Corneal infection can be caused when there is an extreme lack of oxygen to the cornea. This can happen with any contact lenses.

Here are some 4 tips to keep your lenses clean:

1. Always Wash your hands thoroughly, ideally using fragrance-free antibacterial soap before handling your contacts lenses.

2. A multipurpose contact lens solution should be used with some level of caution, if a solution you purchased seems to be discolored, and then the product may be out of date. Be sure to gently rub the lens with your index finger can enhance the solutions performance.

3. Choose contacts that you can wear on a daily basis, and be sure that you take them out before you go to bed at night. It has been found that when Infections occur they are more common with people that use extended wear contacts.

Ensure the perfect fit
While purchasing contacts online are cheaper, make sure to have a full eye exam with a professional. Your eye doctor may contact you within a few weeks for a follow up exam to monitor your progress and find out how you are adapting to your new contacts. If you run into any problems remember they are your eyes and you want to make sure they stay healthy, contact your doctor with any concerns.

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