Getting Your First Pair of Contact Lenses: What You Need To Know

First Things To Know

If you suffer from any problems with regards to your vision, then getting a good pair of contact lenses should be a priority for you. The first thing you have to do is to see your eye doctor. Eye doctors include optometrists and ophthalmologists. Your doctor will examine your eyes and confirm if you have a need for the lenses. He will then proceed to write a prescription, which is very important. A written prescription is needed to legally buy a pair of contact lenses. The prescription should include details about your replacement and wear schedules, as well as the type of lens that you should be wearing. If you can’t understand the prescription (and chances are you can’t), be sure to ask your doctor for the relevant details.

How to choose your contact lenses

The type of lens you choose should be closely related to your specific needs. Contact lenses are now made from a variety of plastics, but they can be divided into two groups: soft lenses and GP lenses. Of these two, soft lenses represent the older group of contact lenses. They are relatively inexpensive and are quite easy to get used to. However, they tend to rip easily, and are also prone to accumulating protein deposits.

Gas permeable (GP) lenses, on the other hand, represent the latest advancement in lens technology. GP lenses provide sharper vision and allow more oxygen to flow through the eyes. They are also more durable than soft lenses, and are less prone to deposit buildups. While GP lenses are more expensive than their soft counterparts, their durability may offset the added expense, since they last for a much longer time than soft lenses do.