Glow in the Dark Contacts – The Perfect Costume Accessory

The latest trend, in both fun and fashion, are glow in the dark contacts that are featured in different colors, style and accents for a variety of uses.

As a costume accessory, the glow in the dark contact lenses is growing in popularity for Halloween. The choice of color definitely combines to complete the drama and mystique of this October holiday. An all white lens creates a ghoulish look, while red or orange simulates anger with a fire in the eye effect. The bold and shocking colors available teemed with traditional Halloween attire make night time trick or treating even more scary.

Rock concert attendees, especially those embracing rave music, have found the use of these lenses especially desirable for their total music and costume experience. The dark music halls and pounding rhythms of the rave music are the perfect venue for these edgy fashion statements.

Night clubbers have found the glow in the dark contacts to be a real attention getter. Some of the UV lenses appear electrifying in colors of green and blue in standard daylight. But turn off the lights, pump up the volume, splash the black light across the room, and the glow in the dark contacts come alive, spraying sparkling diamonds of light into the already sensual atmosphere.

For the stage, special glow in the dark contacts can be worn that mimic animal eyes, such as those of a cat, wolf, or tiger.

Since contact lenses are applied directly to the eyes, a reputable eye care physician or technician should be consulted before using them, even though they can be purchased without a prescription. Make sure the lenses you choose are FDA approved. Be careful with the lenses, avoid contaminating them with bacteria or dirt. Don’t wear them longer than recommended and be cautious for signs of corneal abrasions or infections.

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