Having Fun With Colored Contact Lenses

Many of those that have an interest in purchasing colored contact lenses have found that it is a great way to sharpen and enhance the look of your own eyes. Colored contacts are not like traditional contacts, they are made in fun colors, such as blue, green, hazel, purple and more. Literally thousands of people all around the world purchase colored contacts. All around the world, thousands and thousands of people wear colored lenses. Many choose contacts as an alternative to wearing eye glasses.

How do colored contacts work?

Colored contacts have the color coded onto the actual contact itself. So when you are wearing the lenses it gives the person looking at you the sense that the color they are seeing is the actual color of your eye. As stated before the contacts not different from the regular contact lenses apart from that they are colored. Once you have your prescription simply select the color of your choice or you can take your prescription and order them via an online retailer, they offer you a variety of pictures for to view as well. Another advantage to purchasing contact lenses online is that you will be able to find quality lenses at as much as 70% off, you can purchase them with or even without a prescription.


There are a number of brands out on the market and you will be sure to find a color that matches your unique style and tastes. Here is a list of the top 4 colored contact lens brands:

• Freshlook
• Acuvue 2 Colors
• Durasoft 2 Colorblends
• CibaSoft SoftColors

How do I know what color is best for me?

There are some that have been known to purchase colored contacts to match the color of their outfits. There are some that not only go after the colored contacts, which also offer contacts that are unique all their own with different shapes, and have a theatrical and costume flare. Some of the ones offered are cat’s eye, white out where your entire eye is white, and some are red, or have a smiley face. The only downfall with these types of contacts aside from the colored contacts is that they can be quite difficult to see through.

Some ways to figure out what color contact lenses will best suit you, is skin color. If you have a darker skin tone blue eyes may not be best for you, you should possibly consider brown or hazel. If you feel you want to go a little exotic them they make a style called Barbie eyes. Remember that you do not have to be dedicated to one eye color you can purchase several for different occasions.

You will still need to have the contact fitted for your eye, and keeping them clean is also essential as well. You should always find out from your eye doctor on what the proper care procedures are. Following his or her instruction will keep enhance the longevity of your lenses and keep your eyes healthy and away from future problems.

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