How About Color Eye Contacts for a Great Looking You?

Would you like to make your look more mysterious or fascinating? Have people always told you that you look quite boring, bland and uninteresting? Maybe all you need is a touch of color to liven that face up. One of the ways in which you can do that is by using color eye contacts. These amazing lenses (prescription or non-prescription, depending on what you need, really) can do a lot in sprucing up your facial features, and choosing the right shades (the right patterns, even!) can do a lot in making your face a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

The Ins and Outs of Choosing the Right Color Eye Contacts

When it comes to selecting the proper color eye contacts for your personal use, the key factors to consider are, of course, your skin tone and your current eye color. Depending on these two factors, you can either go for a rich and illuminating eye effect or a striking, piercing vibe. For instance, if you have light skin, you are best with medium shades and subtler eye colors, such as gray, brown and hazel. However, for a truly magical effect, try bold blues and greens to make your look entirely fascinating and piercing. You can even try the rare and luxurious violet as this looks great against lighter skin tones.

If you are dark-skinned, you have a great opportunity to sharpen up your look with lighter color eye contacts. If you go for light grays, blues, greens and browns, chances are your eyes will be the ones that will be attracting people to your side. Hazel has always been a safe shade for both dark and light complexions, so if you want something that will change your look subtly, then this is the right shade to go for.

Pattern Your Eyes After Your Personality with Color Eye Contacts

Apart from solid shapes of color, color eye contacts can also come in different patterns! This is a great way to show off that personality of yours-contact lenses now come in a huge variety of patterns and shades. All you need to remember are the right shades for you, and this will be your only limiting factor in choosing the patterns of eye contacts you will choose. Whether it’s your national flag or your favorite cartoon character, you can spruce up your pupils by going for funky patterns and unique contact lens designs.

At the end of the day, choosing your shade and pattern of color eye contacts is all about choosing the right fit for your personality. When you choose the type of eye contacts to purchase or wear, you are trying to decide on something that you wish will showcase your own personal brand of uniqueness and individuality. So go for it-have fun and enjoy being you with your favorite colored contact lenses! You will certainly enjoy being you in them, that’s for sure!

Dianne has been wearing contact lenses for a major portion of her life. She is on a journey to discover for herself how colour contact lenses can enhance her life. For more information you can read about it here