How the Twilight Movie Sequel Influences Colored Contact Wearers

These days, newsstands worldwide have an apparent common theme, the young Hollywood stars from the movie Twilight are plastered on the cover of the majority, if not all, magazines. With the release of the new Twilight sequel, there is a heightened anticipation amongst the public. Fans are anxious to see what clothes the stars will be wearing, what hairstyles, and what colored eyes enhance the infamous transformation of going from person to vampire. Fans want to know how to achieve the gold colored eyes worn by Rob Pattinson in the movie. Nevertheless, before you purchase your Twilight influenced pair of eye colored lenses read these tips and use as a guideline during the search for the perfect colored contacts for you.

1. Do I need a prescription for colored contacts?
This is the first question most people ask before diving into the process of hunting down your favorite colored contacts, and the answer is no. Many actors today wear different eye color and it is easy for you to do the same. For example, Paris Hilton frequently sports colored contacts to change her look whether she needs a prescription or not. She is able to go from her natural brown to blue eye color in an instant. If you would like to change your eye color immediately, then these contacts are for you.

2. Are there different types?
There are two different type of colored contacts, opaque and enhancement. Before you decide which is best suited for you determine if you wish to change the color of your eyes or solely enhance them. Also, your natural eye color allows you to make a more informed decision on what type of contacts are better for your eyes. For instance, if you have dark-colored eyes, then opaque color lenses are recommended. With light blue or green eyes, the enhancement lenses are a suggested option. In general, these contact lenses are labeled “for naturally dark” or “light eyes” assisting you in the process of choosing the right contacts you desire.

3. Where do I buy colored lenses?
Colored lenses are available online or in an eye center. However, if you choose to purchase colored contacts online be careful. There are many dangers to wearing contacts if it is not advised, fitted, and chosen by an eye professional. Not all lenses are made equal substance putting your vision in harm. If an eye professional assists you in choosing the right eye colored lenses, then the risk is eliminated. Thus, you should always check with your eye professional before purchasing any colored contact lenses whether a prescription is needed or not.

Eye colored lenses are a great way to change up your look, and with the new release of another Twilight sequel, then it won’t be a surprise to see teen viewers imitating the on-screen look via wearing gold colored contacts. It will be a popular trend, but remember to be smart about it. Do your research and check with an eye care professional before purchasing any colored contacts available on the market today.

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