How to Buy Cheap Contact Lenses Online – Frequently Asked Questions

To buy cheap contact lenses, you just have to follow a simple plan. Your eye doctor will be glad to provide you with all your contacts. That works fine, but there are other ways to get your lenses that may be cheaper and even better. Here are several frequently asked questions that arise when shopping for contacts.

Can I buy contact lenses without a prescription?

You must have a prescription to buy contacts online. It’s the law, but it’s for your protection too. You want to make sure, there are no eye disease issues going on before you wear contacts. Getting a prescription from a local eye doctor is easy and not very expensive.

How can I save buying online?

Here’s the thing, once you have that prescription, you can buy the contacts anywhere you want to. That’s how you can save some money and time too. See, your local eye doctor only stocks a limited selection of lenses. On the other hand, an online contacts store is in the business of stocking and dispensing lenses. They have to stock many more lenses. That’s their business — fast delivery and low price.

How much money can I save buying online?

Typical savings is about $10 -$20 per month. It varies and you should compare prices. Who knows, your local contacts place may have a very competitive price. You never know without comparing. But the $10 – $20 figure is typical. That doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up. That’s up to $240 per year. That $2,400 in ten years, so it does add up.

Are the contacts the same?

Exactly. You get the exact same contacts as prescribed no matter where you order. There isn’t any substitution. It’s the brand and model specified by the eye doctor. The only difference is you may save money and you may get them faster. That’s it.

You can buy cheap contact lenses online once you have your hands on your prescription. It’s easy and fast. That’s because the online contacts stores offer time and money savings as their reason to exist. They deliver those savings or they don’t last long.

Avoid surprises when you buy cheap contact lenses online.

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